AB Positive #2 – Out now!

Issue 2 of AB Positive is out now!

This issue features ‘The Star – Part I’ by Ian Hague (concluding in issue 3) and a beautiful piece called ‘Autumn Takes Over’ by guest artist Paddy Johnston.

Click here to get the comic for free! Instructions for how to make your booklet are here. Click here to find out more about the artists.

ABP2 Photo

Welcome to AB Positive!


Welcome to AB Positive, the online home of the new comic by Chris Fox and Ian Hague, which launched at Thought Bubble 2013!

The comic is a mini 16 page flipbook, with 8 pages by Chris and 8 pages by Ian, and the first issue looks like this…

ABP 1 Photo

Issue 1 features two stories: ‘The Woeful Tale of the Horned Chump’ by Chris Fox, and ‘The Gobstopper Machine’ by Ian Hague.

You can get a pre-printed copy absolutely free from Ian or Chris, but you can also get a copy RIGHT NOW through the digiweb network by clicking here and downloading it from this very website for easy home assembly. Instructions for how to make your booklet are here.

Issue 2 will be out in January, and we’ll be updating the blog with news, artwork and sketches in the run up so subscribe to the site using the form at the bottom of the page to receive some delightful images in your inbox!

Let us know what you think about AB Positive (or anything else that’s on your mind…as long as it’s not scary) by commenting on the page, or by emailing us at abpositive@hotmail.co.uk.

Chris & Ian

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